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Ministers talk about religious controversy

Ministers talk about religious controversy

Home Minister Rajnath Singh talked about the recent controversy regarding triple talaq and other religious problems. He said that religious persecution will never be allowed in the country. He said that tolerance is important in the country to maintain peace.

Talking about how there are multiple religions in the country, he said that everyone can practice their religion without fear of any discrimination. Singh was speaking at a meeting of Christian leaders by India Christian Council.

On the other hand, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board called Prime Minister Narendra Modi “dictatorial”. Replying to that, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu asked the Board why it was dragging the PM into the issue.

He said that the country is aiming to end triple talaq and some people are trying to confuse this matter. He said that there should be a proper debate on this matter with facts and enlightened viewpoints. He asked the All India Muslim Personal Law Board to do so and put forth their point of view instead of calling the PM a dictator.

Earlier, the Muslim Personal Law Board (MLPB) said it will ‘boycott’ a Law Commission questionnaire on religious practices discriminating women. The questionnaire which was made for learning public opinion regarding triple talaq was called by the MPLB as a fraud being used by the center. Furthermore, the board stated that UCC is not good idea for India.

Naidu replied to that by saying triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code should not be confused. He said that the issue here is about people of the country wanting to end triple talaq.

He said that the country does not want any discrimination against women based on any religious faith. He criticized the remarks of AIMPLB and told them to join a political party if they wanted to make comments.

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