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The Indo-French business summit

The Indo-French business summit

The Indian-France Business Summit has been addressed by both the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the French President Francois Hollande in Chandigarh. In the business summit, several CEOs who represent giant corporations of both nations accompanied the leaders of the nations.

In the summit, Hollande raised expectations by promising that there will be better collaboration and bilateral relation between the two countries in the near future. On the other hand, Modi gave it all to show the benefits of investing in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stated that World Bank improved the position of India by 12-points within the past 1 year. He said that such a result tells a lot about the initiatives of Indian government to create in ease of doing business.

Modi stated that India is following the process of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’. He further. He added that the days of red-tapism or retrospective taxes are over. Modi promised that retrospective taxes will never return irrespective of the government that is in power.

While talking about the benefits of Make in India, he said that it is not just a slogan. He said that it is a commitment by the government to create a conducive environment for business. He said that the masses of India will get more jobs as investments in the country increase. Modi stated that President Hollande of France assured to give their expertise in urbanizing several regions of India. He said that there is a tough task waiting in front of the country to make a new and modern India. Modi said that the motto of the country is ‘Vikas, Vikas, Vikas’.

Modi made a big announcement that President Hollande promised a huge investment of 8 billion dollar annually to India. With this summit, there are going to be many bilateral agreements will between the two leaders.

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