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Indian Railways installs smart windows

Indian Railways installs smart windows

It is quite common for passengers to opt for a window seat while travelling in trains. However, if you are travelling during the daytime, you have to trouble with sunlight reflecting from the window.

Apart from that, anyone can peep through windows due to their transparency. It disturbs your privacy. So, even if you choose a window seat, you cannot enjoy the journey as you like.

But, now with the new smart windows that Indian Railways installed in the Rajdhani train, you won’t have such problems. The new smart window protects your privacy during the journey. In addition to that, it ensures security and reliability.

Railways installed smart windows in the AC coach of the New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani train. Normally, if any passenger turns on the light, it reflects from the window. But, the smart window can turn opaque in such situation and prevent the light from outside. Thus, it can protect passengers from the direct ultraviolet rays.

Not just that, the opaque feature of the window does not allow outsiders to peep through the window and inside the coach. Thus, it ensures more security and privacy. Hence, passengers will have a safe and comfortable journey experience. They can also prevent unwanted light coming from the window due to this smart window facility.

Indian Railways also decided to introduce several new features for the comfortable journey of passengers.

To help passengers get ready-to-eat meals, Indian Railways has partnered with packaged food providers like ITC, Haldiram, MTR, Wagh Bakri etc. Railways decided to stop pantry services after the implementation of ready-to-eat meal services.

Railways also want to expand its services. It is likely to announce some measures for the refurbishment of the Railways in the upcoming Budget.

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