Indian-origin Surgeon saves British Man

Indian-origin Surgeon re-attaches British Man’s Head to Spine

Indian-origin Surgeon re-attaches British Man's Head to Spine

A group of doctors performed a critical surgery in London to save miraculously the life of a British man. The surgery was led by an Indian-origin neuro surgeon Dr. Anant Kamat.

Tony Cowan who lives in Newcastle city met with an accident in September 2014. His car hit a speed-bump, turned out of control and ran into a telephone pole.

His heart stopped working immediately, but the paramedics at the location saved his life and took him to a hospital. His head had been ripped off from his spine and he had a sustained fracture in his neck. His spinal cord was completely injured and the doctors describe it as an “unsurvivable” injury. Amazingly, his brain is not damaged even after his head was broken off from his spine.

In the scans, it was showed that his brain had no activity. So, it was decided to turn his life support machine off. But, when his life partner, mother and other family members are saying their farewells with tears, Tony opened his eyes.

Then, his family members consulted a neuro surgeon, Dr. Anant Kamat. He performed a critical surgery with a team of doctors in which Tony’s skull was reattached to his spine using a metal plate and bolts. Tony’s mother said that a surgery like this has never been done and they all were informed that her son would probably not survive, but amazingly he survived.

Image Credit: Army Medicine / CC BY 2.0

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