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Rare Surgery at Gurgaon Hospital to separate Conjoined Twins

Two-month old conjoined twins were separated successfully by doctors at Gurgaon hospital in a rare surgery on 15 November. The babies from Kashmir were born fused at the abdomen and shared a liver. They were conjoined in a type of fusion named as omphalopagus.

Dr A S Soin, chairman of the liver institute at Medanta Medicity said that they took a long time to decide about surgery as the twins have a common liver and the separation of liver involved a high bleeding risk. Furthermore, the liver may function ineffectively in one or two girls after surgery.

Earlier in 2012, a surgery was performed in a charitable hospital in Betul, Madhya Pradesh for 11-month twins who were born in a similar condition, but one of the babies had died 15 days after the surgery. But in this case, the chance of survival is more as the twins have separate heart and intestine. After the separation of liver, doctors reconstructed their deficient abdominal wall.

The father of the babies is happy with the success of surgery. He exclaimed that it was challenging for them to feed the babies, changing their clothes and putting them to bed, and though most of their acquaintances discouraged them to go for a surgery, they decided to move ahead.

This condition is rare which occurs once in 1 lakh births and 3 out 4 cases are girls. Doctors said everything including collecting blood samples, scans, and anesthesia was a challenge for them, yet they successfully finished the operation. They took special care to observe the effects of drugs administered to one baby on another girl due to their connected livers. The periodical tests conducted on babies reveal that their livers were functioning normally.

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