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Indian made metro coaches shipped to Australia

Indian made metro coaches shipped to Australia

Six metro coaches made in India have been shipped to Australia from the Mumbai port. The government of India made this announcement regarding the maiden consignment. According to the Ministry of Shipping, the maiden consignment of six metro coaches were built in Baroda to export them to the Australian government. The shipping has been successfully done from the Mumbai Port.

The shipping of these six coaches marks the first of the planned 450 coaches that will be exported to Australia over a two and half year period. According to the statement of Ministry of Shipping, the Mumbai Port is well suited for handling large and precious cargo.

The indigenously made Indian coaches are each 75 feet long and weigh 46 tons. Such heavy and precious cargo needs highly specialized loading operation with a high degree of precision, it added.

As per the official statement of the ministry, the entire stevedoring operation which is the part of loading the coaches these prestigious over-sized metro coaches into shop has been done in-house by Mumbai Port Trust. This is unlike any other port in India where operations like these are carried out by private operators.

The making of these coaches and exporting them to foreign soil is a great way to show the technological progress of India. With campaigns like ‘Make in India’, moves like this only encourages other countries to invest in India and its companies. The Ministry of Shipping is handling the shipment of these coaches well by staying on track. If the schedule continues without any delays, this will be a great boost of reputation for India.

The Indian campaigns like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ are actually very useful in giving good opportunities to countries like the US. Many global companies will have opportunities to sell their products to the new net-izens of India.

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