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Indian IT firms unaffected by new US visa rules

Indian IT firms unaffected by new US visa rules

With the new rules of US visas, there has been a lot of fear among Indian IT professionals.

Since Donald Trump has announced that the visa rules are to be much harsher, the IT industry faced many scares.

However it seems that there won’t be much of an effect on the Indian IT industry.

This is because many industry experts are saying Indian tech companies are at a point where they can easily adapt to changes in the US immigration rules.

People claim that due to the shortage of local skilled tech workers in the US, Trump administration will find it hard to follow their election time plans.

R Chandrashekhar the president of National Association of Software & Services Companies (Nasscom) said that these new visa rules would definitely make it harder for business but it is not a major threat for the IT firms.

He further said that it negatively impacts the US as well because the client company from US which takes services from Indian firms will also face a lot of challenges because of this.

He also said that there will be more than a million unfilled IT jobs by 2018 because of the lack of skilled workers.

He said that since US won’t be allowing foreign skilled workers and there is a need for workers, the country would be in a lot of trouble.

Ashok Soota, executive chairman of Bengaluru-based Happiest Minds is another who says that Indian firms do not have to worry.

He says that Indian industry has proven resilient time and again and it will be the case now too.

He says that this could prove to be something useful as well.

He added that firms should look for ways to make use of this.

The US Congress’s new bill makes major changes in the H1-B visa rules which allows foreign skilled to fill big jobs in the US.

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