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Donald Trump comments on India

Donald Trump comments on India

USA Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump talked in front of around 5000 Indian-Americans at a charity event organized by the Republican Hindu Coalition on Saturday. He said that India a key strategic ally and that the US and India would be best friends if he came into power.

Trump said that India and US would have a great future together and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for improving India and setting it on a path of fast growth with economic reforms and reforming the bureaucracy. He added that such reforms are needed in the US too.

Trump said that he is looking forward to working with Prime Minister Modi who he found to be an energetic Indian leader.

In this election season, this is the first time a presidential candidate of attended an Indian American event. Trump said that he is a big fan of Hindus and is a supporter of India. He said that he would ensure that the Indian and Hindu community would have a good friend at the White House. He added that he has great confidence in Modi and India.

Talking about terrorism, he said that Mumbai is a city he loves and the attack that occurred in 2008 is completely unacceptable. He told the crowd that if he became the president, India and the US would share soldier to soldier in fighting terrorism.

Trump praised Indians saying that they are hard-working and said that generations of Hindus and Indian-Americans strengthened the USA. He congratulated the Indian community for having the highest rate of entrepreneurship and called it impressive.

He asked the Indian Americans to support and vote him in the upcoming general election and help fight terrorism. Trump said that the two countries together will defeat radical Islamic terrorism. He added that standing soldier to soldier is important in this age of ISIS.

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