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India is not in a community transmission stage: Govt.

India is not in a community transmission stage: Govt.

Several rumours are being spread on social media saying that India is in a community transmission stage. These have created a panic situation among the citizens.

Hence, the Union Health Ministry said that the rumours saying COVID-19 has reached the community transmission stage are wrong. The country is not in a community transmission stage and it is in the local transmission stage.

The government will admit the fact if it reaches the community transmission stage.

Earlier also, the government clarified that India is still in the local transmission stage. The government warned people not to fall victims to fake messages. Confirm the messages on social media from a trusted source.

Meanwhile, some messages are rounding on the social media stating that lockdown in the country would be extended beyond 21 days and many people believed it.

In this context, Prasar Bharti News Services said that these messages and reports are fake. It says that the Cabinet Secretary expressed surprise on these reports saying that there is no such plan to extend the lockdown.

As announced by the government, the 21-day lockdown will continue until April 14 to make sure to maintain social distancing among people.

During the nationwide lockdown, migrant workers and daily labourers are struggling for their daily bread.

Despite the government order on paying full wages and salaries to their employees, several employers are not ready to pay.

The Centre directed the states to provide food and shelter to these workers. However, these workers are refusing to stay in the shelters and are travelling on roads to reach their home places.

They are walking for days as there is no transport. Hence, the Indian government directed states to seal borders and prevent the entry of migrants from one place to another.

A large number of migrant workers reached Uttar Pradesh from various states. The state government made arrangements to quarantine them and provide them with food.

In Bareilly, they were sprayed with “chemicals” by the personnel to sanitise them after their return. This created a huge furore across the country. Several women and children were also affected by this chemical bath. They were assured to be treated under the guidance of the Chief Medical Officer and an action would be taken against the officials involved in it after inquiry.

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