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Health Ministry orders states to prepare for vaccine distribution

Health Ministry orders states to prepare for vaccine distribution

With the coronavirus vaccine coming to India in the future, The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has asked the states to prepare a detailed plan for decentralization and distribution of the vaccine.

The states were asked to set up teams to plan out who gets the vaccines first. The health ministry asked the states to set up a Block Task Force (BTF) for this. It will consist of a sub-divisional magistrate and convened by Block MO I/C. It will also have a representation of government departments, development partners, and NGOs etc.

Furthermore, it asked the states to make a plan regarding a cold chain and have a proper healthcare infrastructure for any medical emergencies that might occur after inoculation.

According to many experts, to prevent any illnesses and complications before the COVID-19 vaccine, flu shots for children and regular adult immunizations are compulsory.

When it comes to preventing diseases, vaccines are the most effective method. They are extremely useful in stopping pandemics and even more so for people with weaker immune systems.

With COVID-19, it is apparent that every age group getting immunity can save many lives.

It should also be noted that seasonal diseases and regular flu are pretty common during this time. Many children and adults come down with sicknesses like dengue, malaria, typhoid or viral fever.

The most vulnerable groups are children, elders and pregnant women. Getting vaccinated against such regular flu infections and seasonal diseases can be very useful and prevent unnecessary complications.

According to Dr Ajay Gangoli, the Medical Director Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited, the vaccine can have different effects on different people. As such, the state governments should be ready for a plethora of medical reactions.

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