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Hospital Suggest provides healthcare access

Husband and wife make platform for healthcare access

In India, many people have experienced the detriments of the well-known gap in the healthcare industry.

Often times, patients have trouble communicating with their providers, and healthcare specialists have trouble communicating with one another as well.

Smita P. Kumar noticed this when she was trying to get her diabetic mother, Vidya, to a good hospital.

She was suffering from a chronic kidney disease, and Smita had to consult several different specialists, asking what treatment to give her mother.

However, almost every senior nephrologist that Smita visited gave her a different treatment suggestion, and she did not know whose advice to follow.

Thus, she came to realize that there was a huge gap in healthcare discovery in India, and she set out to do something about it.

Smita teamed up with her husband, Prassant Kumar, and the two of them founded Hospital Suggest.

The goal of this digital platform is to establish more communication between patients and healthcare providers, providing patients with choices of different healthcare providers and giving them information about each one.

After patients register on Hospital Suggest, they can view their medical history and get recommended treatments based on it.

The patients can then select the best hospital for them and inform Hospital Suggest of their choice.

It is a difficult task to connect and follow up with doctors in India, since 80% of Indian healthcare infrastructure is in the country’s top 20 cities.

Hospital Suggest hopes to disrupt the current state of the Indian healthcare industry by providing constant care and communication between healthcare providers and patients.

People can communicate through video communication, audio communication, or chat.

Husband and wife make platform for healthcare access

Hospital Suggest provides healthcare access

Since India is emerging as the country with the largest number of diabetics and chronically-ill people in the world, platforms like Hospital Suggest can finally bridge the long-standing communication gap between doctors and their patients.

Image Reference: Hospitalsuggest, Youtube

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