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Drones to watch over Amarnath yatra

Drones to watch over Amarnath yatra

The pilgrimage along the Amarnath yatra route to the shrine of the Amarnath cave is going to be surveyed with even greater attention this year.

For the first time ever, the route will be under surveillance by aerial drones and helicopters for the safety of the traveling pilgrims. They will be guarding against the possibility of any acts of terror against those traveling to make their pilgrimage at the holy shrine.

The aerial crafts will be a twofold security along the route, as well as the undisturbed visibility from the mountains around for the guards on the ground.

Home minister Rajnath Singh allowed the use of advanced technology along the amarnath yatra, for the sake of extra security to ward off threats to the travelers.

He also assigned extra security personnel for the protection of the yatris, who will secure them over the next month and a half of their pilgrimage.

A meeting was held by Singh on Tuesday in which the security measures were gone over in further detail, including protection from natural disasters as well as man-made ones.

Singh also emphasized the increased use of technology in the security measures of this year, expressing its benefits in combating acts of terrorism.

Threats of terror are not unknown to the Amarnath yatra, as previous years have experienced them as well. However, special measurements of caution are being taken this year because of certain recent crimes in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in the southern part of Kashmir.

Therefore, there are concerns that there could be a massive terrorist attack in the making, not only affecting that particular state, but the nation as a whole. Intelligence sources have reported plans of terrorists to at least kill one hundred pilgrims and one hundred police officers.

Therefore, these extra measures and new implementation of technology are being taken to ensure that the terrorists are eliminated before their plan even begins.

Image credit: Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

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