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New Hydrology projects to manage droughts and forecast floods

New Hydrology projects to manage droughts and forecast floods

Unexpected floods and droughts are not uncommon in recent days. The life of citizens become miserable with these natural calamities. It is also difficult for the government to handle unforeseen situations. Government is going to put an end to these problems with a new project.

A new hydrology project is going to be implemented. Yesterday, the Union Cabinet approved for the National Hydrology Project (NHP) and a National Water Informatics Centre (NWIC) to manage the droughts and forecast the floods in the country effectively. The total budget for the project is Rs.3,679.76 crore. Out of this, 3,640 crore has been allocated for the NHP and the remaining Rs. 39.7674 crore is reserved for NWIC.

The National Hydrology Project is meant for establishing a system for apt and dependable water resources, data procurement, storage, collection and management.

At present, the forecast system can predict the information one day prior to the event. The new system is intended to improve which can forecast and predict at least three days prior to the occurrence of the event. It also facilitates the systems for informed decision making via Decision Support Systems (DSS) on various issues like evaluation of water resources, management of floods, operations of reservoirs and control of drought.

Furthermore, the system will help identify the flood areas so that authorities can manage the disasters more efficiently.

An official stated that the NHP will improve the data storage, analysis and exchange via NWIC, and all users can access the data ranging from village level to state level. It is intended to lessen the effects of disaster and thus vulnerabilities. He added that the programme is people and farmer centric. This is because the information forecasts the availability of water and thus helps farmers plan according to the water resources for their crops.

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