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India and Russia combined disaster management

India and Russia combined disaster management

India and Russia have joined forces to tackle the consequences of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes. On Tuesday, an MoU has been signed between Union home minister Rajnath Singh and Russian minister for civil defence Vladimir Andreevich Puchkov for cooperation in prevention and elimination of consequences of natural emergencies.

According to Singh, the new joint implementation plan will improve collaboration between the two countries in areas like controlling floods and minimizing its consequences. There will also be collaboration with regards to capacity building.

He added that with the signing of this plan, the two countries will have a new character with enhanced levels of cooperation related to disaster risk reduction. He further said that India is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world.

According to the minister, the disaster reduction and developmental programs are not just about disaster. They are now part of the development of the country. He said that the two countries are linked by geography, history and culture and the link between them in the field of disaster management is way past the boundaries now.

Union minister of state for home, Kiren Rijiju said that the signing of this cooperating with respect to the field of disaster management will result in a new era of friendship between the countries. He said that this will help both countries work together and reduce risk the two nations face due to increased frequency of natural calamities.

Talking about India’s capabilities, he said that India has developed a lot of experience in handling disasters and is ready to help neighboring countries with technical and financial support. India was the first country to provide humanitarian assistance in the aftermath of Nepal earthquake 2015. India has helped a lot in the rescue efforts at that time, said the minister.

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