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The Desi Airforce one

The Desi Airforce one

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will get a new comfortable, highly secure office floating in the air in a new flight which is none other than the new Desi Air Force One all set to be cleared soon.. It is equipped with advanced self-protection suites which can jam and fight hostile incoming missiles. It has capabilities to send encrypted satellite communication facilities.

On Monday, sources have stated that the defence acquisitions council which is chaired by Minister Manohar Parrikar will take up acquisition of two Boeing 777-300 aircrafts for special use of President Pranab Mukherjee and Modi for extra-long haul overseas flights.

These two 777-300 aircrafts will be bought from Air India which has many such relatively new wide-bodied planes, and then specially configured for VVIP travel and retrofitted with the sophisticated self-protection suites by Boeing.

These new jets will be replacement for the 747 ‘jumbo jets’ for VVIP duties under ‘Air India One” call sign after pulling them out from their commercial duties as when required. However, these old aircrafts do not have anti-missile defence system which is necessary for the SPG holds. The decision to change the flights has been taken by the committee of secretaries ffrom top ministries and aviation experts examined the matter.

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