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Delhi public transport to have GPS

Delhi public transport to have GPS

The Delhi Transport Department has made it compulsory for all public transport vehicles to be fitted with a Global position system (GPS). The department has rejected the Fitness Certificate to hundreds of vehicles for not being fitted with a GPS on June 2nd because June 1st was the deadline.

There is chance for the government to give a 15 day time limit. The Transport Department has announced that the fitting of GPS is mandatory and has given a deadline till June 1st. If a vehicle is not fitted with a GPS device, then the government does not issue a Fitness Certificate to it.

Initially, the government has made it compulsory to have GPS devices for all auto rickshaws last year.

Later, they made it compulsory for taxis too. However, the Taxi and Auto Unions are demanding that the government has to take back its decisions and are threatening a protest.

The main purpose of installing GPS is to ensure the safety of the passengers, especially women. The decision seems to have enforced strict rules and it definitely offers more security. In order to get this working, the government needs to stay strong regarding its decision and make GPS compulsory in all forms of public transport. Many people are supporting this decision and are glad to have GPS in public transport devices.

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