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Cooperate with me for a corruption free India: PM

Cooperate with me for a corruption free India: PM

PM Modi defended his decision on demonetarization of ₹500 and ₹1000. PM in a meeting in Goa after laying the foundation stone of Mopa greenfield airport said that his government would never trouble innocent citizens and no one need to be fear about their hard-earned money.

While he was in Indian diaspora in Japan, PM warned black money holders that demonetization program is not the end, it is just the opening and more similar programs would be implemented after December 30.

He emphasized the main focus of the demonetization is to punish guilty persons. He assured that all guilty people would not escape from the law. PM appreciated the support of citizens despite their troubles due to the decision of government.

He urged for the cooperation of citizens for a corruption free India. He assured that if the people cooperate with him for 50 days, he will give them their desired country. PM said that citizens can punish him if they face any difficulty after 50 days or if they find him dishonest in his efforts.

Once again PM stressed that his effort is to end the corruption and dishonesty in India which is everywhere for many decades in the country.

Having known all hardships since his childhood due to his family condition, no poor person needs to fear about their money as the government’s main aim is to eliminate corruption in the country.

PM emotionally said that he left his family, home and everything for the sake of country. He said he won’t stop even if the corrupted people kill him or burn him alive in his efforts.

Due to public suffering with ₹2000 notes, new ₹500 notes released yesterday. The limits to withdraw cash increased by ₹500 after the review of Finance Ministry. The weekly limit of ₹20,000 also increased to ₹24,000.

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