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China: India needs to be taught border rules

China: India needs to be taught border rules

Border disputes have been rising between India and China, each becoming more frustrated than the other. China recently ousted its views in the Global Times, calling out the “unruliness” of India, and claiming that Indians need to be taught a lesson.

They accused India of having “strategic superiority” and “arrogance” because of their friendly relations with the United States and other Western nations. These countries, they believe, are trying to convince India to aid them to go against China.

China, however, still claims its superiority over India as a whole. Although its GDP is rising to fifth in the world, the Chinese article claims that India still does not come close to China in terms of its national strength and power, and says that the Indians cannot afford to have a dispute with China.

The Chinese also make a claim to be typically low profile on the issues of border disputes, which, as said by them, allowed Indians to make “unruly provocations”. This time, they say, “the Indian side needs to be taught the rules.”

The article also makes claims on the views of India, as well, saying that India arrogantly believes China to be “contained” by both Japan and the United States.

However, it says that China must not stand for it, and now needs to take action against the provoking acts of the Indians. Regardless of whether the border crossing was a mistake by inexperienced troops or an actual strategic crossing ordered by the Indian government, the article urges China to stand its ground.

It enforces how the construction of their roads occurring there should not be interrupted, and therefore, China must push the Indians back across the border by whatever means necessary.

China: India needs to be taught border rules

China: India needs to be taught border rules

However, India is maintaining its own claim that it was soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army who crossed the border, and is not taking blame for the occurrence. Time and proof will tell what truly happened in this border crossing.

Image Reference: Quartz, BBC

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