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Centre to accept suggestions on CAA

Centre to accept suggestions on CAA

India is witnessing huge protests on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Protestors from various parts of the country have been opposing the Act since its approval in the Parliament.

According to the CAA, refugees of non-Muslim communities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who enter in India till December 31, 2014, will not be considered as illegal immigrants.

Several pleas have been in the Supreme Court challenging the CAA. Around 59 petitions from individuals and organisations were filed in the apex court.

Besides, the protests turned violent in many parts and police charges against them are a common scene in the country now.

In this context, the central government decided to accept suggestions on CAA. Now, the government is open to accept suggestions of the protestors on this.

A top government official yesterday said that anyone can give their suggestions on CAA and the government is also ready to remove their doubts.

The Home Ministry with the Law Ministry is preparing rules for refugees to apply for the citizenship of India.

The government expected protests against CAA in the Northeast states. But protests have been seen in many other parts also since its enactment by Parliament.

He said that the protests in Delhi have occurred due to the spread of rumors and incorrect information.

The government will designate a competent authority to handle the applications of people that apply for Indian citizenship.

The entire process will be digital.

There are certain rules for refugees to be eligible to get Indian citizenship and they have to prove their eligibility.

They will have to submit the necessary documents prescribed in the rules.

The government delegated powers to handle citizenship applications to district collectors and deputy commissioners earlier.

But, later it is decided to designate powers to a specific authority and it would be specified in the rules to implement the CAA.

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