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Violent protests against Citizenship Amendment Act

Violent protests against Citizenship Amendment Act

Several people from various parts of the country are protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The protests turned violent in many parts of the county.

Assam and Tripura opposed the Bill as soon as it was passed in the Parliament. But, later the protests spread to Delhi, West Bengal and now to many parts of the country.

Two people died in Mangaluru and 20 police were admitted in the hospital due to injuries in the agitation of protestors.

In Delhi, many protestors gathered at the Jantar Mantar and several of them were detained.

Internet connectivity has been shut down in Delhi and several flights have been cancelled from the national capital.

In Lucknow, the protests turned violent when a mob torched vehicles and pelted stones. They also damaged police vehicles and set buses ablaze. Nearly 20 people have been taken into custody.

In Ahmedabad, mobs pelted stones on police vehicles and 10 policemen were injured in this incident.

In Mumbai, protestors including students, Bollywood personalities and political parties came on the roads.

In several parts of the country where the protests turned violent, the internet services have been shut down and the schools and colleges were closed.

Airtel and Vodafone said that they have suspended the operations in Delhi due to government orders.

This year, the country has witnessed the highest number of internet block or suspension in the world.

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party leader said that the government has no right to suspend telecom and internet services and shut down colleges. He also said that it is not correct to impose restrictions while they were protesting peacefully. But the government differs with the opinion.

Despite the government assurances that no religion needs to be worried, agitations are continuing in various parts of the country.

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