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Central Government Canteen jobs no longer need interviews

Central Government Canteen jobs no longer need interviews

A good news for those who are trying to get junior level posts. For Junior-level posts in central government canteens, there will no longer be any need for interview. People might recall Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi stressing that there should be a stop on the practice of holding interviews for Group III and Group IV jobs in his Independence Day. He stated that for low level jobs, personality assessment is not really an absolute requirement.

Now there will only be skill test without any interview for people applying to junior-level posts in central government canteens, according to an announcement by the Centre.

Narendra Modi in his Independence address last year stated that removing the interview process for such jobs will be a great step in removing corruption in recruitment. He said that this will make the whole selection process more objective and transparent.

According to an order issued by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), the decision to remove the interviews has been taken and they won’t be held anymore in all direct recruitment to non-gazetted, non-ministerial Group B and C posts in non-statutory departmental canteens located in central government offices.

The report further added that these posts shall be given to people based completely on the written test or skill test by the respective ministries by taking into consideration the requirements of each job. In India, there are around 1352 registered canteens and tiffin rooms which operate in various central government offices across the country.

The decision to remove interviews will certainly help many aspirants of Group III and Group IV jobs.

There are many people who do well in the written skill test but not so well in the interview and end up losing the post. This could be a new chance for them.

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