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CBSE to conduct two levels of Maths exam for Class 10

CBSE to conduct two levels of Maths exam for Class 10

Several CBSE students of class 10 are feeling difficulty in handling their mathematics exams. In order to reduce the complexity level, the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is planning to conduct two levels of mathematics exam for class 10 from 2020.

An official circular has been released on this. The circular states that there will be two levels of mathematics exams from March 2020. The current mathematics subject will be called Mathematics-Standard whereas the easier level will be called Mathematics-Basic.

The students who appear for the Mathematics-Basic level exams would not be considered for pursuing mathematics at their higher level of education.

Only the students of Mathematics-Standard level can pursue the subject in their higher education.

Students can choose their desired choice of level, and they have to submit their choice before their exam to the Board.

The Board says that this will help the student reduce their stress due to the difficulty of the exam.

The syllabus, classroom teaching and internal assessment would remain same for both level of exams to enable the students get an opportunity to study all topics in the academic year. Then, they can decide the level of exams they are able to appear based on their capability.

In addition to that, students will have the following choices: If a student chooses Mathematics-Standard exam, and fails or get a compartment in the exam, then he/she will have the option of choosing any of the two levels in the compartment exam.

Similarly, the students who opt for Mathematics Basic and clear it will have the option of choosing Mathematic Standard examination in the compartment exam. This will help them to pursue mathematics in their higher education.

The facility of two levels of mathematics exam is only for class 10 students. And there shall not be two levels of exam for class IX.

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