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Cabinet Committee’s policy on national security


National security is one of the vital things for any country. The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) of India will be playing a key role in shaping India’s national security.

Now with the new members and the experienced people who served in key roles earlier, the CCS is going to be vital on national security.

Ajit Doval who has been advising the PM on security-related issues would continue in his position for the second term as well.

In addition to him, the new ministers of key portfolios including the Home, Defence, External Affairs and Finance will also be part of the CCS.

That is, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, S Jaishankar, and Nirmala Sitharaman would be the members of the CCS along with Ajit Doval.

Modi government wants to give top priority to national security. In this context, Doval would continue his services advising on security issues in addition to coordinating between the armed forces and the intelligence agencies.

Kashmir issue and wiping out naxal menace are the top two priorities of the government at present.

Handling of naxalism involves tackling those spreading the ideology and providing funds on their behalf to support them.

Ajit Doval has been shaping the national security policy for the last five years. His approach on Kashmir issue involved an iron fist policy.

Under this, the separatists of Kashmir were completely sidelined. This will be continued in the next five years and security experts guess that there would be a proper solution soon.

However, several people are criticizing this approach of the government. But, the government decided to continue with its policy.

The Kashmir problem was based on the doctrine of Doval as per a senior official. His approach had made it clear that there was no need to overreact. This is because the troublemakers could not sustain beyond a certain point.

Even if they want to sustain beyond that, there would be a price to pay for that.

Image credit: Indian army demonstrates cordon and search techniques image by 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (Public Domain Mark 1.0)

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