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Buying vegetables using Aadhaar card

Buying vegetables using Aadhaar card

With the recent demonetization, it has been very hard for many people to buy anything. Many people with low amount of cash are struggling to get basic necessities. In order to tackle this issue, the Telangana State Marketing Department came up with a unique plan to help people.

They have come up with an idea to use Aadhaar card to get vegetables. The department has set up a mobile counter of Industrial Development Financial Corporation (IDFC). People can come here if they have Aadhaar-linked bank accounts. They will be given tokens to replace currency notes and go for cashless and cardless purchases.

As a part of this experiment, all customers with Aadhaar linked to their bank accounts can receive tokens of Rs. 5, Rs. 10, and Rs. 20 denominations. They can be used as money at vendors.

As soon as the customer takes a token, the money will get automatically deducted from their bank accounts. Vendors can take these tokens and they will be able to exchange these tokens at the banks themselves. They will immediately get their money into accounts fast.

The representatives of IDFC opened new bank accounts for vendors and farmers who didn’t have bank accounts. This way they can all make use of the system.

The government of Telangana tested this system at Kukatpally Rythu Bazaar from 9am to 6 pm on Friday and consumers managed to purchase vegetables worth Rs 15,000 with this sytem. Based on the success of the experiment, it will be carried out across the city. Minister of Irrigation and Marketing, T Harish Rao, said that this experiment needs to be observed more before it can be implemented in the city. It will be extended to Rythu Bazaars across the city based on its success.

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