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I & B Ministry clarifies on condom ads

I & B Ministry clarifies on Condom ads

Television is watched by all family members including children. The advertisements aired on this medium have an extensive impact on people.

However, many companies do not care about viewers while designing their advertising.

Even many viewers criticize that the government do not follow the rules properly which is why some advertisements which need to be censored are portrayed.

One example is airing condom ads on television. The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had issued orders on December 11 not to air advertisements related to the sale and promotion of condoms between 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

All such ads should be aired after 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. only. The Ministry stated that the order has been issued due to complaints of viewers considering the children in mind.

As per the Cable Network Television Rules, 1994, any advertisement that endangers the safety of children or any vulgar, indecent or offensive themes shall be avoided in all advertisements.

In this regard, the Rajasthan High Court issued notices to the both I&B Ministry and Health Ministry on this order seeking their explanation why such advertisements are banned and can’t be telecasted on the specific slot.

The I&B Ministry clarifies in reply to this notice that this ban is applicable only to commercials that have sexually explicit content.

However, those advertisements that do not have any objectionable content sexually or objectify women can be aired on all the hours in the day.

The condom advertisements which create awareness about the products, devices or medical interventions that ensure safe sex do not fall under the commercial category.

They are allowed to be telecasted at any time on the television.

The I & B Ministry also stated in another rule that women must not be depicted in a way which highlights submissive qualities and persuade them to play a secondary role either in family or in society.

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