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Loose cigarettes may not be available soon

Loose cigarettes may not be available soon

Smoking causes many health problems, including cancer. However, smokers will not be able to quit smoking due to addiction.

Hence, a statutory warning is mandatory on tobacco products. Besides, the government is taking several initiatives to control the use of tobacco products from time to time.

Now, the government wishes to stop the sale of loose cigarettes in the market to reduce their usage.

These restrictions are required to fight against the use of tobacco products and to reduce their use, as per the advice of the Standing Committee of Parliament.

Many smokers prefer to buy loose cigarettes. If the government bans the sale of loose cigarettes, they have to buy the entire packet. Many of them may not be able to buy the entire packet. As a result, their usage will be reduced, says the government.

In this way, it controls or reduces the usage of tobacco products in the market. As per reports, the Standing Committee of Parliament recommended the government stop the sale of single or loose cigarettes in the market.

Usage of tobacco products and alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer. Hence, the move would help reduce the consumption of tobacco products in the country and the health consequences associated with it.

The central government also banned the sale and use of e-cigarettes as per the recommendation of the Health Ministry three years ago. In addition, it also banned advertisements related to tobacco goods.

The standing committee also said that the GST had not increased significantly on tobacco products in the country.

World Health Organization (WHO) also suggested a hike in the GST on tobacco products. It recommended implementing a 75% GST on tobacco goods.

But, India imposes a 53% GST on cigarettes and 22% GST on bidis. Smokeless tobacco products have a GST rate of 64%. These are the most recent tax slabs.

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