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Assam bans Gutka and Pan masala

Assam bans Gutka and Pan masala

Tobacco use leads to several health hazards. Despite knowing the fact, people who are addicted to it are not able to quit the bad habit.

In order to control nicotine use in the state, the Assam government banned the manufacture, distribution and sale of tobacco and nicotine products. These include gutka and pan masala that contain nicotine.

The ban would be in force for one year with immediate effect.

An official statement has been released on this stating that the ban was made as per the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) Regulations.

Assam Food Safety Commissioner Dr Chandrima Baruah signed on the notification regarding the ban on tobacco and nicotine products in the state on November 22.

The notification also bans the transportation, display of gutka and pan masala or any chewing material containing tobacco.

The ban has come into force with immediate effect and would be enforced in Assam for one year under clause (a) of Sub-section 2 of Section 30 of Food Safety and Security Act, 2006.

The survey report of Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2 (GATS 2) released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) reveals that nearly half of adults in Assam consume nicotine in some form.

Several people welcomed the decision of the state government. Hazarika said that this decision is very much essential in the state of Assam to save younger generations from the tobacco menace.

Two consumer activist organisations thanked the government for controlling tobacco use in the state and save millions of people from dreadful diseases including cancer.

Ashim Sanyal, the Chief Operating Officer of Consumer VOICE said that the decision of the state government helps the people of Assam lead a healthy and productive life.

He said that all this is possible due to the prohibition of tobacco and nicotine products in Assam.

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