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AAI to use plastic waste to repair roads

AAI to use plastic waste to repair roads

Plastic waste is a major concern these days. Despite taking several measures by government, it is still hard to tackle the situation.

Various innovations have been made to manage plastic waste effectively.

In this context, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) is mulling to lay and repair roads using plastic waste generated at major airports like Chennai, Madurai and Thiruvananthapuram.

A senior AAI official said that the initiative would mainly focus on roads located on the city-side of major airports where plastic waste is generated in huge quantities.

Earlier, the AAI engineers met an expert on this issue. The expert who is based from Madurai has knowledge in using plastic waste to lay roads.

The chairman of AAI apparently proposed the plastic waste could be used to lay roads.

One of the officials said that the expert was efficient in applying the technique to lay the roads. Unlike normal roads, these do not need maintenance for 15 years.

Moreover, this initiative would help solve the issue of plastic waste effectively and save recurring road maintenance cost.

The pilot project would be taken up either in Madurai or in Chennai. The expert is based from Madurai, so it will be easier for him to test there. Chennai airport is generating a huge quantity of plastic waste; so, it is also good to conduct a trial run here. Initially, plastic would be laid on city-side roads on the premises.

It is a green initiative. Instead of sending the plastic waste to the dump yard, the plastic can be used in an efficient way.

The AAI in its tweets stated that its 16 Airports throughout the country are ‘Single-use Plastic-free’ Terminals due to its measures to control plastic use.

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