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96 countries accept India’s vaccination certificates

96 countries accept India’s vaccination certificates

COVID-19 vaccination certificates are vital now to travel across the states or countries. However, many countries are approving only the vaccines made in their countries or those approved by the World Health Organization. And many of these nations did not recognize the vaccination certificate of India.

As a result, Indians or those who travel from India have to follow isolation protocols. It is causing trouble to those who visit other countries for education, jobs, and businesses.

In this context, the Government of India urged many other nations to accept the vaccination certificate of India. It has been communicating with them for mutual recognition of vaccination certificates. The government also warned other countries that if they do not accept the vaccine of India, the country will also reciprocate.

Now, 96 countries agreed to accept the COVID-19 vaccination certificates of the country. In addition to the US and UK, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, and the Netherlands agreed to accept India’s vaccination certificates. These are only some of the countries, and check the government’s website for a complete list of the countries that agreed to the mutual recognition of COVID-19 certificates.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya yesterday said that 96 countries agreed to mutual recognition of COVID-19 certificates.

Earlier, the Union Health Ministry issued guidelines on international arrivals. It also said that those who want to get the international travel vaccination certificate to travel abroad can download it from the CoWIN portal.

Meanwhile, the vaccination drive has been going on in the country at a faster pace. The vaccination drive is going to reach 110 crores. Currently, the vaccine is being administered to all adults above 18 years. Soon, the vaccination will be starting for adolescents in the country, and the ZyCoV-D vaccine has been approved for it. The government is waiting for the recommendation of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) for introducing it in the vaccination drive.

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