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Only 6 rail tickets a month online

Only 6 rail tickets a month online

A new rule has been made by the Indian Railways. Now, you can only buy six online train tickets a month from one user ID. This new decision by the Indian Railways came in the light of suspicion that 10 percent of users who are booking 10 tickets every month (the current limit) are using these tickets for the purposes of touting.

According to a railway official, the Indian Railways want to bring down the practices of touting. The move to reduce the limit on number of online tickets is aimed at reducing the touts and help genuine passengers get tickets.

This new move by the railways has been met with criticism by some people. They believe that this new restriction will cause discomfort to some people who travel frequently by train. There are also people who argued that this move won’t stop touting much as many brokers would find ways of creating multiple user IDs.

There are passengers who travel almost every week. For these passengers, this move could be quite troublesome. One of the passengers who commented on this move said he travels from the city where he works and go home every weekend. He said that he needs around eight tickets a month, however with this new move he would face problems.

There are also measures taken by the railways to stop touting. This includes preventing all types of ticketing agents from booking tickets during the first 30 minutes of opening of ticket booking. Furthermore, booking of tickets is not allowed through e-wallet and cash cards from 8am to 12 noon. Another rule is that there is only one booking in one user login session except in case of return or onward journey between 8am to 12noon. The success of the new move can only be known with time.

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