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Play and Win Exciting Prizes with Fantasy Cricket

Play and Win Exciting Prizes with Fantasy Cricket

Playing and screaming cricket is very natural in India. We are a country that thrives on the performances of our cricket players. Several businessmen, shop owners, students, etc close shop early or adjust their schedules according to the matches going on around the globe. That is the value of cricket in India. Among several instances, we have yelled at our television screens hoping to impart some of our ‘knowledge’ and ‘expertise’ to the players on the field in the anticipation that our coaching might actually do wonders.

Play cricket on the phone – here is a platform wherein our knowledge and expertise of cricket would truly come in handy. Gaming apps have come up with the platform of fantasy cricket for all cricket lovers to join and even earn some prizes. The question now arises –how to play fantasy cricket and what is it all about? The answer is simple- the primary task is to create a team of 11 players based on their recent performance. The live match and the players’ scores in that would determine the number of points we score in the league.

Plan and win – We can now play free fantasy cricket and win cash daily. This is, of course, based on the number of points we score. Therefore, selecting the best players, keeping in mind the weather and pitch conditions, and selecting efficient captains and vice-captains would be crucial. Choosing the perfect captain for the team would award you 2x the points, similarly, the ideal vice-captain would give 1.5x the points.

Create the teams – The IPL has left us wishing for us to own teams. Fantasy cricket has made that dream come true. Picking players is the most important of the steps- the website recommends that we begin picking wicket-keepers. Post that, we can move forward with selecting batsmen – the best would be to select top-order batsmen to ensure the highest number of runs. Following this, a couple of all-rounders can be added to the team along with top-notch bowlers. This can be done based on the conditions, pitch, weather, outfield, etc.

Check progress – Once you have created your team with careful planning and analysis, you can also enter different contests of your choice and can also play by entering a monetary value. As the match progresses, you can keep checking the performance exhibited by the members of your team. This can be tracked on the leaderboard.

Make money – Making money is now easy, is there any better way to do this than by playing the game you love? Keep your strategies and wits in place and win big prizes. Make sure to play the matches you have researched about, make multiple teams, choose all-rounders as your captains, join a league way beforehand to plan contingency strategies.

Cricket is not just an outdoor sport anymore, we can enjoy the thrills of the game indoors via the internet. Download the app on your smartphones and begin playing the fantastic game of cricket not just for leisure, but also for monetary benefits!

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