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7 Reasons to Use Industrial Robots in Your Startup Jewelry Business

7 Reasons to Use Industrial Robots in Your Startup Jewelry Business

Jewelry making has been a time-honored art form that takes years of dedicated apprenticeship to fully master. It is also a time-consuming task that takes a great deal of preparation and effort. On average it usually takes a skilled jeweler around 8 to 11 weeks to craft a good piece.

So if you are thinking of setting up a start-up jewelry business, you will need to consider modernizing the process. Anything that can minimize the time and effort involved is welcome for most jewelers. Fortunately, there are industrial robots that are specially designed to help jewelers. Here are some reasons to consider industrial robots for your startup jewelry business.

Incredible Attention to Detail

When it comes to making jewelry, the details are extremely important. Remember that your products must stand out. Whether your jewelsmith is making a ring or a necklace, the details must be exquisite and noteworthy. Sadly though, even the most skilled and experienced jewelsmith can make mistakes. He might have had a lot of orders or he might have slept late. He might just be getting old, and his eyesight is no longer as keen as it was years ago. Whatever the factors may be, jewelsmiths are still capable of making mistakes.

Industrial robots, on the other hand, are extremely customizable and are incredibly accurate and consistent when it comes to adding details to jewelry. Some robots are even installed with laser technology, that allows them to carve out highly intricate designs and patterns on the product.

Quick Assembly Time

As it was stated earlier, it usually takes a jewelsmith around 8 to 11 weeks to make a fine piece of jewelry. A lot of time and effort really goes into handcrafting jewelry. However, with the help of industrial robots such as articulate robot arms, the assembly process will be a whole lot faster. These robot arms are extremely nimble and capable of working at top speeds, with little to no errors.

The SCARA industrial robot is also extremely effective for jewelry assembly because it can be used for pick and place applications. They are also extremely fast and can handle a great deal of stress and repetition.

Sophisticated Welding Applications

Creating jewelry has a lot of welding involved. Parts of the jewelry need to be attached to each other, and most of these parts are very small. So it really takes a steady hand to properly weld these parts together.

Jewelsmiths need to be very careful during this process. One wrong move can damage and ruin the jewelry. This is yet another aspect of the jewelry making process that industrial robots can shine. There are customized welding robots that can perform extremely detailed welding functions on very small surfaces. They can do this with unerring accuracy and speed. By using these specialized robots, you can be assured quality welding jobs without any fear of damaged products.

Effective Logistic Systems

One of the biggest risks of running a jewelry making business is losing raw materials during the transporting process. Remember that a huge number of precious stones and jewelry making material such as gold or silver get moved around the factory on a daily basis.

It is quite easy for them to get lost, and just losing one precious stone or shipment of jewelry making can really hurt your company. Luckily industrial robots are great tools to promote effective logistic systems. The transportation robot is perfect for this function because its main purpose is to sort and transport products in the most effective way possible.

Ability to Handle Corrosive Chemicals and Solutions

Jewelry making companies usually use corrosive chemicals and solutions in their operations. They can be very dangerous, and if they touch human skin, they have the capability of inflicting horrible burns. Industrial robots are perfect for handling and transporting these chemicals because they are made of reinforced material, and cannot be damaged by these substances.

Industrial robots are also great for jewelry polishing applications because this process entails the use of potentially toxic chemicals. By having industrial robots do this job, human workers no longer have to be exposed to these harmful chemicals.

Inhuman Hand to Eye Coordination in Crafting Jewelry

When it comes to making jewelry, you will usually need very nimble hands. Remember that most types of jewelry have very small parts and designs, and it takes very acute hand to eye coordination to pull off. Although some master jewel smiths have this ability, their abilities really pale in comparison to that of specialized industrial robots.

Their limbs don’t have the tendency to shiver or miss. They have an inhuman hand to eye to coordination that allows them to assemble very small types of jewelry such as rings, brooches, and earrings with incredible speed and accuracy. They are also great for mechanical jewelry such as pocket watches and

Consistent Quality Control

Quality control is a very important aspect of the jewelry business. Remember that your customers are willing to pay a high price for your products. So it is your company’s responsibility to provide them with good-quality products. Anything less is unacceptable, and it could damage your company’s reputation.

This is where industrial robots truly shine. By using industrial robots, you are standardizing your work process. Industrial robots are extremely effective and accurate and they will consistently ensure that all your products are up to standards.


Running your very own jewelry company can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. There are so many aspects of the jewelry making process that needs to be improved.

The jewelry-making process needs to be more efficient. The same goes for logistics and quality control. The whole work process needs to evolve. Luckily, industrial robots are the solution to these problems.

With the help of industrial robots, your jewelry company will be able to reach new heights of productivity and efficiency.

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