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5 Reasons You Should Start Using Credit Card Over Cash

5 Reasons You Should Start Using Credit Card Over Cash

You may have been told not to pay with your credit cards frequently. Yet, making the best use of it makes plastic money a boon. It allows you to achieve some other advantages that might not be feasible when transacting with a debit card. You should know how to make use of it in a smart way.

On the one hand, when you carry a credit card, you do not have to worry about carrying too much cash, but on the other hand, if it is not used within a specific limit, it can potentially cause you to fall into a severe debt trap.

Here are a few ways you can potentially score well and gain some advantages by using your credit cards properly.

1. Credit Score

On multiple fronts, using your credit card wisely is beneficial for your financial health. Next, you build your credit score with disciplined use, which means keeping your spending under 40 percent of your credit limit more often than not, along with paying your bills promptly and in full.

A high credit score is necessary for potential loans that one would need to achieve life goals such as purchasing a house or tackling financial emergencies to be eligible.

2. Travel Perks

Many cards give you free entry to airport lounges, not only for domestic destinations but also for international ones. The card can determine how many times you can visit these lounges every quarter or per year. Some cards provide unrestricted, worldwide access to lounges.

Swipe your card and access a lounge having convenient seating, refreshments, and WiFi the next time you’re traveling instead of sitting on an uncomfortable chair waiting for your flight.

3. Rewards Points

Banks also give customers a wide array of reward points for their credit card spending. Customers can, however, take cards whose reward point or value arrangement fits their lifestyle and spending pattern to allow the full use of these advantages.

You get a list of deals on the website of the respective bank. You should also be aware that these accumulated reward points are real. Hence, before it expires, you can make the best use of it.

4. EMI Option

Credit cards also help you make EMI big-ticket transactions to ensure that your finances are not strained beyond reach. Many clients still use their credit cards to support EMIs for their holidays abroad. Most banks often work with different merchants to sell EMI options

without cost, which means that customers do not have to pay any interest that is otherwise associated with the possibility of EMI.

5. Other Offers And Discounts And Cashbacks

You will be able to use your credit cards for discounted or free movie tickets. Buying your tickets via a well-known booking website, for example, will get you a 1+1 combo or discounted tickets every month at selected theatres.

To indulge your hobbies, high-end credit card manufacturers would go out of your way. Many cards now include lessons and access to golf courses in either a restricted or unlimited form. The offer with your card could consist of sailing lessons and passes to select racing and football clubs. Not only that, but premium credit cards also offer you luxury products with gift vouchers. These benefits will repay any annual fees you can pay on the card.

If a credit card can be used safely, there is no reason not to. They offer incentives, security, and convenience and make it easy for you to establish your credit by reporting to the credit bureaus. If you do not own a credit card, you can apply for a credit card at reputed financial institutions like Axis Bank. Their credit cards are customized as per the customer’s needs. So, check out today and enjoy the cashless era.

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