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Use these single-use plastic alternatives

Use these single-use plastic alternatives

Plastic is a part of humans’ lives. Usage of plastic has been grown in recent days which ultimately leads to environment pollution. The single use plastic usage has significantly increased due to its easier use and throw option.

However, studies show that usage of single use plastic has increased at an alarming rate. In 2015 alone, 141 million metric tons of single-use plastic packs were disposed by humans.

From morning until you sleep, there are many things people use which are made of plastic. These include flip flops, water bottles, straws, kids’ toys and many more.

There are many things you can use that are made of other alternatives instead of plastic for these.

Here are some things that are used as alternatives to single use plastic:

  • Rather than using plastic straws which increase pollution, try to use other alternatives. Usage of edible straws is also growing now-a-days, several eco-friendly straws made of bamboo are available in the market.
  • Use steel water bottles or insulated water bottles instead of plastic water bottles, especially single use plastic water bottles.
  • Always carry jute bags or cloth bags and avoid using plastic carry bags.
  • Do not use cutlery that can be used only once. Rather, use cutlery made of metals. Or you can at lease reusable cutlery so that they can be recycled instead of becoming garbage.
  • Rather than using plastic flip flops, use eco-friendly sandals.
  • Don’t buy cheap toys made of plastic which are not at all good for your child. Instead, try other alternatives even though they are a bit expensive.

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