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Tips to keep your spine healthy

Tips to keep your spine healthy

Most of the body functions slow down with age. The spine is one of the key organs of the body. It starts aging at the age of 30 years up to 60 years.

The vertebrae become narrow and the spinal cord loses elasticity with age.

The study of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke says that reduced flexibility and mobility, swelling, and restlessness are the main reasons for spine problems.

Here are some tips to keep your spine healthy as you age:

  • Stay active to keep your spine and bones healthy. You can choose your choice of activities like swimming, walking, playing with kids to keep yourself active.
  • Flexibility is important for spine health. Stretching exercises help you relieve stiff muscles and maintain the function of joints.
  • Proper sleeping is essential after working hard the entire day. Use a good bed with a comfortable mattress and pillow and maintain a proper sleeping posture to provide adequate rest to your spine and other body parts.
  • Experts suggest that one should not lift weights more than 25 per cent of his/her body weight. Or else it may lead to spine injury or herniated disc. Also, while lifting a heavyweight, bend down from the legs and lift slowly.
  • Lower back muscles support the spine. Hence do regular bridge exercises or pelvic tilts to strengthen the muscles.
  • Use a balanced diet. Add dairy products, leafy vegetables, fish and meat to your diet to get all the essential nutrients.
  • Maintain a proper posture while using a mobile. People remain at certain positions unknowingly which lead to severe spine pain. Keep your mobile at eye or chest level and sit straight.
  • Avoid continuous working and long sitting. Take breaks in between. Don’t forget to wear proper shoes as they support the lower back muscles and thereby the spine.
  • Stay away from bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and drug abuse. Also, regular checkups with chiropractor help know the position of your spine.

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