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Tips to overcome Swine Flu

Tips to overcome Swine Flu

Swine flu is a very big problem these days. Do you know that there are many tips you can follow to prevent and fight this deadly disease. Follow these home remedies to fight the dangerous disease.

Follow a healthy diet

Make sure that you are following a proper and healthy diet. You should get all required nutrients in your diet to make sure all your body works properly. Make sure you get a lot of Vitamin C in your diet to improve your resistance. Include minerals like Zinc in your diet.

Have probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria which can help your body. It makes your immunity stronger and prevents any attack of enemy bacteria in your body.


Exercise is a very good way to keep your body strong and immune to diseases. Exercising regularly will keep your blood properly circulated. It also releases endorphins.


Meditate your body to relieve your body of stress. It will increase your natural hormones and improve your resistance. Reducing stress will keep your body strong.

Proper sleep

Having proper sleep is the only way to let your body heal. This will improve all your bodily functions and make sure they all occur properly. Interrupting your natural sleep will affect your immunity.

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