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Tips to get rid of Dry Mouth

dry mouth

Dry mouth is one of the most common problems in everyday life. This problem occurs majorly during winter. When you get a dry mouth, you will feel a lot of thirst, have a parched throat, have bad breath, loss of taste, cracked lips and difficulty in swallowing.

  1. The key to battling dry mouth is to drink a lot of water. This is the basic step to get rid of it.
  2. Add a lot of vegetables to your diet. They are rich in water content and will also protect your skin.
  3. Use ice cubes to get rid of dry mouth. Sucking on an ice cube will keep your mouth wet. It can also help in weight loss.
  4. Try adding cayenne pepper to your diet. Sprinkle this powder on your salad to stimulate your glands in the mouth.
  5. Apply couple of drop of coconut oil to the tongue and massage it to stimulate the glands even more. This will produce even more saliva.
  6. Mix milk and Aloe vera and consume it. Have this drink two times a week to get rid of dry mouth.
  7. Try to drink herbal tea instead of regular tea. This tea has a lot of health benefits.

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