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Things that affect metabolism

Things that affect metabolism

Metabolism is a very important aspect of the body. It defines how the body uses the food and absorbs nutrients. However, there are many factors, activities, and habits that can affect the metabolism of a body. Here are the things that can affect your body’s metabolism.

Excessive caffeine consumption

Drinking too much coffee or other caffeine based drinks can destroy your appetite. Try to minimize your caffeine consumption to have the right appetite. Lack of appetite can result in lack of nutrients.


When you are buying fruits or vegetables, go for organic stuff. Pesticides sprayed on fruits or vegetables are found to harm your health.

Unclean drinking water

Avoid drinking water that is high in chlorine or fluorine. They can affect your thyroid which affects your metabolism. Always strive towards the cleanest water you can get.


Drinking proper amount of water is very important for your body. It is advisable to drink water soon after you wake up to boost your energy levels.

Get organic meat

Most of the meat we eat these days comes from animals which were given extra hormones which can affect your metabolism. Try to find organically raised animal meat.

Eat at proper times

Do not skip meals. It is not a good way to lose weight. Uneven eating habits can ruin your metabolism and hinder with your weight loss plan.

Consuming alcohol

Consumption of alcohol can slow down your metabolism. It also has several adverse effects on your health. It is found that 2-3 shots of alcohol can slow down your fat burning by 70 percent.

Avoid processed foods

Processed foods contain many additives and chemical preservatives which are harmful to your body and slow down your metabolism.

Get proper sleep

Human body burns a lot of calories while sleeping. Having a sleep of at least 8 hours can keep your body at the best. However, excessive sleeping can be just as dangerous.

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