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Signs of cancer

Signs of cancer

Cancer is a terrifying and destructive disease that usually comes upon the person suddenly, and is without a reliable cure.

Early signs of this sudden disease are often ignored, and can result in treatment only after the symptoms have considerably worsened.

However, as cancer is much easier to treat when it is spotted early, ten noticeable but often-ignored signs need to be known.


Check for lumps

The first is lumps beneath the skin, especially found in breast tissue which you can easily check by self-examination.

Itchy skin

Constant itchy skin results from blood flowing to the infected area in order to fight the cancer cells. This is a sign of cancer

Bad wound healing

Increasing cancer cells causes wounds to not heal easily. Observe how long each wound takes to heal.

Bumps in mouth

White bumps in the throat, mouth, and gums are often ignored by early victims of cancer. Immediately have them checked by a doctor.

Changes in bowel movements

There would be sudden and alarming changes in bowel movements. Things like blood appearing in it, may be a sign of blood cancer.

Bad bladder control

Bladder function is harmfully affected by cancer, and finding changes in urine strength, scent, color, or presence of foam or blood could mean the presence of this disease.

Loss of appetite

Trouble swallowing and lowered digestive process is a sign and one that must be checked by the doctor immediately since it prevents the body from receiving the nutrients it needs.

Signs of cancer

Signs of cancer


Unexplained bleeding

This is a sign that must always be checked by a doctor, since it could mean the presence of cancer.

Voice changes

Cancer of the larynx can also cause changes in voice. Go to a doctor if sudden changes occur.

Constant coughing

Lastly, constant and painful coughing is one of the biggest signs. They can indicate cancer of the lung, throat, esophagus, or stomach.

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