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Signs of anemia in children

Signs of anemia in children

Anemia in children can be caused due to various reasons including blood loss and poor intake of iron through diet. Having less iron in the body will make it very weak. It is important to prevent this weakness before it causes too much damage. Here are some signs and symptoms that can be used to identify anemia.


Due to low amount of iron, there will be less oxygen supplied to the body. This will cause fatigue quickly.

Pale skin color

Children with anemia have less number of red blood cells. This will result in a complexion which is paler than their real tone. Look for signs of paleness to identify anemia.


Due to the lack of oxygen, anemic children tend to run out of breath very quickly.

Craving unusual foods

Children with anemia tend to crave items like ice, dirt, paint, or starch. This is one of the most major signs of anemia.

Lack of appetite

Having a lack of appetite is a very big sign of anemia. This is because they will feel tired to continue their activities.

Frequent infections

Due to the lack of healthy red blood cells, children with anemia generally tend to face infections frequently. This is because of the weakened immunity.

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