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Reasons why you overeat

Reasons why you overeat

Many people who are looking to lose weight tend to make one mistake that ruins their plans. Overeating. There are many reasons why people overeat. If you can learn them and avoid them, then you can surely reach your weight loss target. Read on to see the reasons behind overeating.

Eating while you are distracted

When you eat while you are distracted with something else like watching TV, then you tend to overeat and not notice it. It is better to put focus on your food while eating to keep proper track of it,


Genetics play quite some role in your appetite and cravings. However, don’t put the blame on genetics and use your willpower to control yourself.

Eating while being emotional

Many people tend indulge in eating due to their emotions. Some foods release endorphins which make you want to eat more of it to alter your mood.

Eating as a way to distract yourself

People tend to eat in order to distract themselves from something else. This could be stress eating too. Avoid eating just to distract yourself.

Eating addiction

Food can also be addicting just like alcohol or cigarettes. Keep check of your eating habits to know if you are addicted to overeating.

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