Bad habits which are good for health

Bad habits which are actually good for health

Bad habits which are actually good for health

Everyone person tends to have various habits. Some may be good while others maybe bad. Many habits are addictive and often tough to quit. Habits like smoking and drinking are bad for health. Here are some habits which are considered bad but can actually help you.

Eating chocolate

Eating dark chocolate is actually found to help prevent heart diseases. Dark chocolate is found to have a lot of antioxidants and flavonoids. They are helpful in making blood vessels flexible. However, these benefits are only for dark chocolate and not any other chocolate.

Waking up late

People who wake up on their own are comparatively much healthier than those who wake up by listening to their alarms.


Stress is definitely a bad thing. However, a low amount of stress experienced for a short period of time helps with blood circulation and increases your energy.


Eating foods with high sugar can have several health concerns. However, cutting them down completely will only increase your craving for sugar. Eating candy treats once or twice a week is good for your health.

Negative thoughts

It is found in a research that expressing negative thoughts is much better than suppressing them completely. This will help vent out your feelings.

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