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Reasons for dry cough

Reasons for dry cough

The season of summer brings with itself some minor health issues.

Many respiratory issues are high during the dry season.

Dry cough is one of the biggest problems faced by many people during summer.

Here are some reasons why you could suffer with dry cough during this summer.



Having allergies can cause cough, sneezing and also nasal congestion. When the air is dry there would be more cough. This is even higher if you are suffering with pollen allergy.


Air pollution is a big reason for having dry cough in all seasons. Driving in traffic with a two wheeler causes a lot of exposure to polluted air. In order to avoid this, wear a helmet and avoid breathing fumes from other vehicles.

Acid Reflux

Staying away from alcoholic drinks this summer will help you prevent acid reflux and dry cough in summer. In order to quench your thirst, drink a lot of water. This will prevent acid reflux too.


Make sure your hands after coming back home after an outing. This will prevent cold. Cold can increase the chances of dry summer cough.


People who suffer with sinusitis can result in giving you a lot of headaches and dry cough. Taking proper precautions is important to prevent dry cough for patients with sinusitis. Consult your physician for advice.

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