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Curry flavour curries favour

Take a leaf from the curry patta’s book, even if you don’t want them floating in your soups and sambars. Did you know that

Flaxseeds have Numerous Health...

According to Ayurveda, flaxseeds and the leaves of the tree cures many health ailments. The oil made from these seeds is widely used in

Drink Soup to stay healthy

Soup offers several health benefits. In recent days, health consciousness has increased in many people. Hence, many people add salads to their diets for

Diwali Digestive

So here is Diwali, with its overload of sweets, savouries and delicious meals in all the houses that you drop into. Ironically, you need

Nutritional Benefits of Coconut...

Coconut water is a popular nutritious drink worldwide. Plenty of health ailments are treated with this natural healthy drink. Due to its nutritional properties,