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Home Remedies for pimples

These days, pimples are one of the major issues for all people irrespective of their age. There are many reasons for this condition. The

Useful herbs for toothache

Ginger has many health benefits. Peel off the ginger skin and chop it into pieces. Chew it for some time swirling the juice around

Do excess protein intake affects...

Normally, many people prefer high-protein diet to satisfy their hunger and thereby avoid intake of carbohydrates. Their ultimate goal is to lose their weight.

Natural Remedies for Tongue...

Tongue ulcers can be caused by various reasons including viral infections, lack of folic acid, hormonal imbalance, deficiency in vitamin B12, unhygienic dental conditions,

Natural Remedies for premature greying...

Coconut oil and curry leaves mixture is a good home remedy. Boil this mixture and cool it. Pour it in an air tight container.