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Herbal remedies for eye strain

Continuous glaring at a computer screen or a phone screen can cause the muscles in the eyes to get strained. Here are some Ayurvedic

Hair care in winter

In the winter, there are chapped lips, dry skin, cracked heels, and rough hair. However, there is no reason to let all that stop

Know about Congenital Heart...

There are two kinds of CHD: the simple and the complex. The chances of CHD increase greatly when the mother has bad or dangerous

Health benefits of Spinach and Carrot...

You can obtain a healthy mix of carrot and spinach by crushing some pieces of carrot along with few spinach leaves in a blender.

Strawberry and curd mix for your...

Add a few pieces of freshly cut strawberries in a blender and make a paste of them. Mix this strawberry paste with 2 tablespoons