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Natural remedies for Bipolar Disease

Home remedies for bipolar disease

Bipolar disorder is also called manic-depressive disorder. This is a sort of a mental disease wherever an individual experiences frequent mood swings. Even though medication is a good remedy for this disease, trying natural home remedies can be very useful. Here are some you can try.

Fish oil

This is rich in omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids and this can be one in all the most effective home remedies for this disease. It also includes a high supply of EPA and DHA, which helps in the secretion of hormones in body.


Brahmi is an herb. It is also known as bacopa. It is very useful in treating bipolar disease. Brahmi leaves can be used to extract juice and it can be consumed to fight bipolar.


It is scientifically proven that this can be helpful for bipolar symptoms. It can improve brain functioning, memory, and cognitive skills.

Valerian Root

This root has good sedative properties which can help with the nervous system. It helps with bipolar disease, sleep problems and other mood disorders.

Passion flower

The main issue that’s required for bipolar disease is that the brain has to be calm and relaxed. This can be another supply that has sedative properties. There are no side effects for this flower.

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