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Indian foods that keep you warm in winter

Indian foods that keep you warm in winter

Winter is arriving around the Northern Hemisphere, and everyone is adjusting in preparation for the cold months ahead.

Due to the lack of warmth and sunlight during this season, the body becomes more tired than usual, and it can become very difficult for people to go about their daily lives.

Therefore, during the wintertime, the body has a greater-than-usual need to stay warm and energized.

One of the most common methods of coping with an extremely cold climate is with hot, invigorating foods. Therefore, these are some Indian foods that can provide sufficient warmth and energy to the body during the winter months.

Peppers are rich in antioxidants, which help treat the symptoms of cold and flu. Additionally, peppers are well-known for keeping the body warm when digested.

Fenugreek is called a winter elixir, since it has anti-viral properties that can help eliminate the chances of catching a cold. Additionally, it has heat-inducing properties that can relieve cold symptoms, such as sneezing and runny nose.

Tulsi and ginger tea is an excellent remedy for all winter woes, since both tulsi and ginger have nutrients that can help the body during the wintertime.

Tulsi is rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which can help the body fight respiratory disorders. Ginger increases the blood circulation in the body, and thus increases bodily heat.

Whole grains are an excellent source of energy for the body, which makes them a great source of bodily fuel in the winter months. Additionally, they are a rich source of several important minerals, such as selenium and magnesium.

Turmeric has been eaten during the winter months in India for centuries, since it is known to increase the body’s immunity.

It has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, and it boosts both blood circulation and liver functions.

The digestion of the curcumin in turmeric also releases a great deal of energy, which helps keep the body warm and active.

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