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Indian Foods that can make you disease prone

Indian Foods that can make you disease prone

Like many cultures, India is known for its unique cuisine and culinary culture. While India is famous for the healthy aspects of its cuisine, there are several other aspects of Indian cuisine that can be harmful to dietary health. There are several Indian diet habits that can be very health-damaging, and these are some of the most important ones to avoid in order to keep a well-balanced and healthy diet.

Indian dishes have a very high content of carbohydrates, such as rice, potatoes, and sweets.

Rice in particular is a staple in Indian cuisine. However, a diet that is high in carbohydrates can cause obesity, diabetes, and other various metabolic issues.

Many wheat dishes are also consumed in India, such as chapattis. However, this can be unhealthy, since a diet with a high glycemic level can negatively affect the gut and the heart.

There are many sweet dishes in the Indian diet, even during non-festive occasions. Consuming a large amount of sweets is widely-known to be very unhealthy, since sweets can cause diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Snacks are a common part of the Indian diet, such as chakli, chivda, and other traditional snacks. However, the habit of snacking in between meals can lead to weight gain and stomach problems.

Compared to other cultures in the world, Indians have a very late dinner. Usually, Indians eat their dinner after 8:00 p.m. However, this is a very unhealthy time to eat dinner, since it can lead to inefficient digestion and other health issues.

Indian Foods that can make you disease prone

Indian Foods that can make you disease prone

It is better to eat dinner at around 7:00 p.m., since this gives the body enough time to digest before sleeping.

In this day and age, many young people have traditional desk jobs.

These jobs are very hectic, and they do not leave a lot of time for eating a proper lunch.

Thus, many people eat at their desks, which can cause a buildup of belly fat and lead to various heart problems.

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