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Home Remedies for irregular periods in teenagers

Home Remedies for irregular periods in teenagers

Every woman experiences irregular periods in some part of their menstrual life cycle. However, in adolescent girls and teenagers, irregular periods are more common.

There are many reasons for it, the most common one is the hormonal changes. Besides, certain medications and health conditions can also affect hormones and thereby periods.

While the average menstrual cycle is 28 days, it may vary between 21 and 35 days. In teenagers, the body needs a certain time to regularize periods by adjusting to newly secreted hormones. Hence, it takes one or two years for teenagers to get regular periods.

Here are some home remedies for irregular periods in adolescent girls:

  • Eating a balanced diet with all vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients not just helps regularize periods, but is good for overall health.
  • Consumption of ginger and cinnamon helps control irregular periods. While ginger eases PMS symptoms, cinnamon reduces menstrual bleeding.
  • Yoga helps maintain hormone levels in the body. It also relieves menstrual cramps and other emotional symptoms associated with periods. Stress can affect your hormones. Hence, practising yoga also helps control stress. You can also follow other relaxation techniques like listening to music, reading a book and taking a bath to control stress.
  • If you are diet-conscious, choose the right diet program. Extreme dieting can affect the menstrual cycle. Hence, maintain a healthy weight by following a healthy diet.
  • Also, extreme exercise is not good. It can harm your endocrine system and thereby fluctuates your hormones. Moderate exercise and sports can keep you healthy. They can also improve your mood.
  • Make a habit of tracking your periods since the onset of your menarche. It is a good habit to check the regularity of your periods. Due to hormone changes during ovulation, spotting may be seen in many girls. Often they mistake it as a period and worry about the irregularity in periods. Tracking helps you avoid such confusion and worry.

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