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Herbs that aid in increasing platelets

Herbs that aid in increasing platelets

Dengue is one of the most commonly spread contagious diseases especially in tropical areas. Dengue is transmitted by mosquitoes that are infected by dengue virus. Dengue fever has several symptoms including high fever, severe joint pain, skin rash etc. The disease can develop into dengue hemorrhagic fever a life-threatening condition which has bleeding, blood plasma leakage and low platelet counts.

The normal platelet count is 150,000 per microliter. In dengue, low platelet count leads patients to a fatal situation. There are no medical therapies for improving platelet count and patients need to transfuse platelets from the donors.

Certain herbs help in improving the platelet count. Here is a list of some such herbs. All of them are natural and not harmful. However, it is better to consult with your physician before you use them.

The juice of papaya leaves is very helpful in improving platelets in dengue patients. Drink 2 to 3 tea spoons of juice every 6 hours.

Spinach is rich in many nutrients and vitamins. It not only helps prevent blood clotting but also aids in improving platelet count. Boil few spinach leaves in a glass of water after thoroughly washing them and drink it after cooling. You can take this twice daily till you see the results.

Wheatgrass is packed with plenty of health benefits. Drink the mixture of wheatgrass juice and lemon juice daily to enhance the count of platelets. It also improves RBC and WBC count.

Amla is loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients. Consume 2 teaspoons of amla juice or eat one amla to increase your platelet count.

Giloy is one of the most sacred herbs in Ayurveda. Drink 2 or 3 teaspoons of Giloy juice to improve your body’s defense mechanism to diseases.

Tea made with basil leaves improves the immunity. Alternatively chew few leaves to strengthen your immune system.

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